The Wine Parlour – Brixton

It’s early evening, and hidden behind Brixton Market along Atlantic Road, you’ll find a window festooned with sparkling fairy lights, drawing people in. Here lies The Wine Parlour. An independent wine bar run by the formidable couple, Chix & Dan. And in their own words The Wine Parlour is both passionate and informal, serious about wine but friendly and fun with it.” And I can’t help but take my hat off to the pair who have created a wine bar that does exactly that.

Ever since I first stepped foot in the Wine Parlour back in 2014, I felt comfortable. I find this is actually quite a rarity with wine bars – they can often be rather intimidating or completely lacking in personality. But the Wine Parlour looks warm and inviting from the outside – helped by the strings of fairy lights – and that’s exactly how you feel once inside. On closer inspection, I realised it was clearly the ultimate date place – surrounded by couples on first dates, date nights or anniversaries. In fact – I would probably avoid it on Valentine’s Day as it would probably be impossible to get a seat. Having said this, I did also spend a fun evening here with a group of girlfriends sitting around an old wine barrel, as we made our way through most of the white wine list along with some cheese – this was a particularly fun night. In addition, our waiter for the evening was nothing but charming, helpful and completely at home with us having a bit of fun and enjoying ourselves.

In terms of the wines on offer here – they have a wonderfully varied selection, although I would love it if they put the country of origin on the menu. However, they do give great descriptions that I found to be pretty spot on, give or take. And with a glass costing between £5 and £12 and bottles between £20 and £50, there is something on the menu for everyone. I must also give a particular nod to the glassware they use – it is absolutely stunning and even better they sell them too!

All in all I’d highly recommend giving The Wine Parlour a go, you will particularly thank me if you go there on a first date ;). AND rumour has it they are soon to be opening one down the road in Herne Hill – another favourite stomping ground of mine – and I for one certainly can’t wait for it to open.


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