Welcome to London Wine Watch!

London does wine well, extremely well in fact. From bars to shops to tastings and events, the capital knows how to enjoy wine and goes to great lengths to share it. I’m using this blog to offer you my opinion (and this is by no means expert!) on various wine related bars, shops and events.

I am certainly no wine buff, but have always enjoyed wine (especially white!), and after an extensive stint of travelling my love of wine was cemented due to the incredible wine regions my boyfriend and I visited (NZ was a personal favourite).

But here’s the thing…I don’t think enjoying wine is always necessarily about the taste – I know it sounds crazy but hear me out – whether it’s dry, fruity, soft, full-bodied, cheap or expensive I can actually enjoy almost any wine in the right situation and with the right company (and equally dislike it in the same vein).

There I’ve said it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it *she says as every wino gasps in shock* – I’m just not down with so-called experts making you feel stupid for liking cheap box-wine or smirking if you say you dislike Chardonnay. One day I’ll like something, and the next day I won’t – which is why you should take my opinion with a large pinch of salt 😉

I’m Victoria, 29, work in Media and have recently rejoined the London life after a year of globetrotting. Here you’ll find my opinions on everything to do with wine in the capital – bars, shops, pop-ups and events. With an occasional guest appearance from my partner in life and wine – Sandy.

We hope you enjoy x


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