Ralph’s Wine Cellar – Whitton

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to find myself a resident of the TW postcode and have been exploring nearby establishments in recent weeks. Obviously, thanks to the stadium, Twickenham well and truly has its place on the map – whereas nearby little Whitton rarely gets a look in. Which is why I was surprised to find that Whitton high street is home to Ralph’s Wine Cellar – a wine shop and deli with a few tables nestled inside and out to enjoy a glass of wine and sample their selection of glorious cheese and deli specials.

We visited on a Friday evening, and one thing that is apparent is that Whitton is not exactly buzzing with nightlife in the evenings. Ralph’s on the other hand was a hive of activity with lots of people (many obviously regulars) coming in and out to purchase their wine selection for the evening or browse the wonderful range of artisan goods sure to see you through the weekend. And what a selection there is! Also if you’re struggling to chose there are awesome shop assistants there to help you select. Alternatively do what we did and take a seat at the front of the shop and try a glass of various wines for yourself and make an entire evening out of your wine shop! Now that’s the way to do it.


We had a glorious cheese board (the feasting board) with olives and charcuterie – but you can indulge in a variety of snacks including cheese on toast! The cheeses were also served with the most incredible fig chutney – and when we asked what brand it was (Tracklements), low and behold they showed us the jar and we were able to purchase it. I’ve since been enjoying it in most sandwiches!


Ralph set up shop just this year after discovering a number of private clients in Whitton desperate for something like this nearby and apparently the local support has been great, which is lovely to hear. I wish every high street boasted somewhere like Ralph’s! As well as the deli he also supplies the trade including Michelin starred restaurant and art galleries.


If you live in the area I’d highly suggest adding a weekly visit into your routine (just make sure you leave the car at home if you’re eating in!) and if you’re just passing through, do pop-in and sample the quirky artisan shop…you won’t be sorry.


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