London Greek Wine Festival – Kings Cross

This weekend saw the second installment of the London Greek Wine Festival hosted by The Greek Larder in Granary Square, Kings Cross. I had no idea what to expect from the event, other than it was hosted by the legendary Ollie Smith of Saturday Kitchen fame and there was going to be a lot of Greek wine! And boy was there a lot of Greek wine! Over 100 different wines to sample, all included in your ticket price – an absolute bargain at £10.


I was wondering how busy the festival would be as you don’t often hear much about Greek wine. Turns out however there’s a booming market in Greek wine and the festival was buzzing from the moment we arrived at 1ish and steadily got busier throughout the afternoon. I’d previously mentioned to a friend I was going this weekend and she said “Urgh Greek wines are horrible” – turns out this is a pretty common misconception and I’m happy to say after sampling my fair share she couldn’t be more wrong. Out of the wines I tried at the festival I would say I disliked less than 10% and fell in love with about 25%. In fact, I discovered a Greek grape that I hadn’t tried before called Malagouzia and it was absolutely to die for – a really light and refreshing white wine that originates from western Greece.


On top of this, I tasted one of the nicest reds I’ve had in a very long time, produced by Tsantali, this Kanenas comes in a stumpy, unique bottle and heralds from the grapes, Mavroudi and Syrah. It was so smooth and velvety that I thought I had died and gone to heaven and the quirky bottle certainly reflects the uniqueness of the wine.


I was also pleasantly surprised with how good the dessert wines were, we sampled some absolute showstoppers like this Melias, and for someone who doesn’t always like sweet wine I was blown away with how smooth and unctuous they were.


So I can certainly say I am now an advocate of Greek wine and will happily report my findings to anyone who will listen as it seems completely unfair that they have this totally unfounded negative reputation.

A big high five to the Greek Larder for celebrating the wines of Greece and working towards changing this perception. They put on a fabulous festival with some awesome live music (Greek of course!) and incredible food. I spent a wonderful few hours here with my boyfriend and two friends and all for just £10 each – I’ll certainly be first in the queue for tickets next year and will be singing the praises of Greek wine for a long time to come.


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