Weekly Wine Watch

Hi Wine Watchers – Happy Weekend!

Staying in or going out? LWW has you covered when it comes to wine.

Wine Watch: Going Out

This weeks pick is a south London favourite in Pop Brixton, the New Zealand Cellar. Located in one of the ‘containers’ in the funky Pop Brixton, don’t let the fact it’s getting cold worry you – the NZ Cellar supplies you with lovely blankets for those colder nights and has some stunning NZ wines by the glass. Team this with a pizza from Made Of Dough across the way and you’ll be back every weekend! Also to note, if you head down on a Monday evening they sell their wines at retail prices!


Wine Watch: Staying In

This week’s choice is a little rogue as it’s not exactly available yet but it’s 100% worth knowing about if you’re looking for a bargain. On the 24th November Lidl will launch their winter wine range and there is a Chardonnay Viognier by Les Petites Baies that is £4.99! Normally I’d be very dubious of a white wine this cheap – but after trying, I can totally vouch for it and it doesn’t taste too cheap at all – it’s light and crisp and I’d say it tastes like a £10-£15 bottle of wine. It’s certainly one to stock up on for all those Christmas get togethers at home.



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