Weekly Wine Watch

Happy weekend all! And what a long week it’s been – especially with the evenings getting darker and the temperature dropping 😦 But don’t fear – it’s the weekend and wine is here!


Wine Watch: Going Out

As it’s getting super cold now, I’d highly recommend hitting Pall Mall Fine Wines this weekend – a gorgeous little wine bar down an old shopping arcade by the London Opera House. The inside screams wine bar with dark red walls and a piano as the focal point. You can sample a huge array of wines by the glass and the cheese and charcuterie looks incredible (half price with a taste card). Sampling red wine here is what dark, cold nights were made for. See my full review in another blog post. Enjoy!


Wine Watch: Staying In

This weeks suggestion is a readily available Marlborough (NZ) Sauvignon Blanc by Brancott Estate. It’s available in most places and is a reliable, good-value, favourite of mine. To be honest it can be enjoyed with most simple suppers or on it’s own if you have a friend or few coming round. It’s my go-to when there’s not a huge selection and it never fails to disappoint. So next time you’re in your little local supermarket and there’s not much choice, you know what to go for!


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