The Sampler – South Kensington

The Sampler, behind South Kensington station is an undiscovered gem that I wish I had at the end of my road. With a card top-up format, you browse the rows of wines in the enomatic machines and sample a taste, large taste or a small glass of the various bottles available around you on the shelves. Apart from being a fun and good value way to try expensive wines, it also lets you try LOTS of wines for a reasonable cost. And that’s exactly what my partner and I did when we visited.


I know it’s not a unique formula and you have to be in a certain mood as it’s not somewhere you’d go if you just want to relax with a big glass of wine. But it certainly fills a need. It’s especially useful if it’s your local as you can sample the wine before you buy a bottle – I wish there was one on every street corner! I wonder if off licenses had adopted this formula, they may well have survived?

But if you’re lucky enough to call South Kensington local, I would highly recommend making this your go-to for wine. And if you’re in the area (which is highly likely with the museums and Royal Albert Hall so close) it’s worth popping in for a sit down and try what they have to offer – the staff were really friendly and I LOVED the first recommendation I was given for a light red wine – a Fleurie 2015 (Chateau de grand pre).


It’s a fab place to hangout for an hour or so; and just grab your favourite bottle and head home to finish it off!


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