Humble Grape – Battersea

My friend and I were after an evening of good wine, food and catching up – Humble Grape did not disappoint. We visited on a Tuesday evening and I had previously heard of their #tastingtuesdays which I was hoping would be on offer. 4 samples of various wines they have selected for £10 – we felt it was a great offer and considering it was full on a Tuesday evening in January I’d say they’ve got a formula that’s working! And they were generous with their sample sizes too! 

We began with a gorgeous Riesling we both loved, and this was followed by another white that has slipped my mind (so obviously not as memorable), a merlot and finally a boujalous. All had nice little stories and apart from the Riesling were all not quite what you expect from that choice of wine which was great. They’d obviously taken a lot of care in their selection which clearly showed. 

The tiny downside for us was after loving the Riesling and thinking we might have a glass of it, we discovered it was £8 or £10 for a 175ml glass. In fact, all of their choices cost around this which might be why they were so busy on a Tuesday (they also do bottle shop Monday where you can drink in at the takeaway cost). I’m sure the wines are worth their prices, but it was a bit of a surprise to us and I was glad we’d gone on an ‘offer’ night. However, if I was feeling particularly flush I would certainly visit again as our experience was nothing but great.

The accompanying food we chose was pretty epic – salami bites, padron peppers and baked Camembert – all of a high quality and fair prices. The service too was impeccable with them serving our next tastes at the optimum times and our server was extremely knowledgable. 

I would absolutely return in a heartbeat on either a Monday or Tuesday again, and would absolutely consider another night when I was prepared to spend a lot of pennies. They have another branch in the City which I’ll have to try at some point too – especially for #tastingtuesday! 


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