Vintage 1824 – Herne Hill

This is the delightful sister branch to Brixton’s Wine Parlour – one of the very first wine bars in London to really spark my enthusiasm for wine in London. And the Herne Hill setup certainly didn’t disappoint!

Steeped in the familiar fairy lights it’s the most inviting shop front along the little high street. A varied wine list is offered as well as cheese & charcuterie – as a side note the bread with olive oil was heavenly! They sell all of the wines on the menu to takeaway as well as a load more – meaning we could browse the shelves for a good while. We chose one to give to a friend that evening. 

ByChix who runs both Vintage 1824 & The Wine Parlour, runs regular tasting evenings at both branches, as well as running WSET courses for those looking to gain certificates in wine. I am certainly going to try one of their tasting evenings soon.

A tad quieter than its Brixtonian sister, Vintage 1824 lives up to expectation and seems like you wouldn’t have trouble finding a seat on any evening. We wish it every success in this pretty little corner of Herne Hill.


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