Brunswick House – Vauxhall

This incredible Georgian mansion in the heart of Vauxhall is not only home to a rather fabulous bar and restaurant, but filled to the brim with antiques available for customers to buy. It seems the old mansion got in the way of the huge development at Vauxhall Cross, as it appears to be completely dwarfed by the brand new buildings baring down on it. But it stands proud in its historic location, and on stepping inside it’s a tranquil haven from the madness of Vauxhall.


I visited with a friend early on a Saturday evening so the restaurant was yet to fill up, but the bar was already pretty buzzing in a calm and collected way – just the way I like it! The wine list was a pleasant surprise – a good choice available by glass, carafe and bottle and what was even better? They had glasses for as little as £4! This is basically unheard of in London…check out the current choice below:

I didn’t look at the price tags of the fabulous antique lights and souvenirs dotted around us, as I was rather scared I might fall in love with something far beyond my means! But I find myself still thinking about the fabulous space, filled with so many objects with incredible stories. I really can’t think of a more inspirational place for a philosophical catch up over a fabulous glass of their Chenin Blanc….I will be back for more!


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