Noble Rot – Bloomsbury

Set in an old school townhouse near Russell Square, Noble Rot epitomises on olde world wine bar and restaurant. I almost expected to see two old men sat in a dark corner wearing their smoking jackets, drinking a fabulously large glass of red wine. Don’t get me wrong though, I mean this in all the right ways! There are so many new wine bars trying to be different and modern that it’s a bit of a relief to know that heritage is still going strong and good service and good wine still gets the respect it deserves.

We visited on a Wednesday lunchtime and were seated under a skylight towards the back of the restaurant which was great as it was a relatively nice day outside – and it is definitely one of those places where the time seems to fly, so if you can’t see daylight you’d be forgiven for not realising it had got dark outside! The menu all looked delicious with the majority of us opting for the set menu – great value and super tasty.

The wine list is certainly extensive, and we were rather safe with our first choice of Picpoul De Pinet (Terre des Treize Vents). But I’m glad we were as it turned out to be a great Picpoul that was perfect as an aperitif. I then asked the waiter for a recommendation based on the food we were having (pork sausages and white beans) and I must say he was spot on! A French, white blend from Chateau Negly in La Clape called La Brise Marine. A blend of Bourboulenc and Roussanne it paired perfectly with our main and we liked it so much that we continued with it through desert and after.

Noble Rot

I would actually like to see a few more of these types of wine on the list at the lower end of the scale, as on first glance, the wine menu is eye-watering in terms of prices. Saying that, there is still a decent amount of choice in the £20-£40 range and if you’re planning a special night, the choice is extensive and the staff are definitely qualified to help you with it.

A great experience that I’d highly recommend for a special occasion.


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