Vivat Bacchus – London Bridge

Vivat Bacchus – A South African wine bar and restaurant in London. Why haven’t I tried this before I hear you cry?! I have no idea is the honest answer to that! I love South Africa and I love South African wine – there was really no way I was not going to love Vivat Bacchus. And there really was no excuse as to why I hadn’t tried it before.

But thank goodness I have now. If not only for the glorious Graham Beck bubbles I had the moment I stepped in the door, it also took me straight back to my long, sun-filled days in South Africa – spending about £8 on a bottle of Graham Beck bubbles in the supermarkets there and enjoying them on a porch somewhere watching the sun go down. Ok so unfortunately it’s not the same price here thanks to taxes but Vivat Bacchus have a fab offer on a Friday and Saturday where a bottle of Graham Beck is £23 instead of the usual £33! Making it very worthwhile to visit either their Farringdon or London Bridge branch on a Friday/Saturday.


So I should probably move on from the Graham Beck bubbles that I clearly love far too much!! I visited the London Bridge branch on a Friday lunchtime with clients to find it bustling, with a good atmosphere. I get the feeling it’d probably be busier in the evening but it certainly wasn’t lacking for a lunchtime buzz! It also boasts a fab menu, it’s very own cheese room and of course wine cellar – I even saw a sign for live jazz on a Saturday evening…sounds pretty tempting hey?

Well all I can say is that from my one visit, I am hooked. I will be blowing their trumpet all over the Capital, if only to place South African wine on the London wine map – somewhere it certainly deserves to be.



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